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What to buy in Montenegro


Any trip to the foreign country is not only a thing to remember, but also an opportunity to get various stuff and souvenirs. Montenegro isn’t different from the other countries in this case – it is full of goods for export. So what’s worth buying for you and your relatives and friends?

1). Alcohol. Even before the trip to Montenegro you have to learn the names of the local alcohol drinks – «Vranac» and «Krstac». These names are hard to pronounce, but it’s no big deal, because the taste of these drinks is just divine. The tip for you is not to buy these drinks in duty-free shops if you don’t want to pay 1,5 times more – just visit one of the local stores, there you will pay only 3-5 EUR per bottle.




2). Montenegrins’ national clothes. Most of all the tourists are offered to buy the Montenegrin cap, which is the national headwear and has the embodied emblem of the country, or chemere – the belt for women. But these souvenirs are quite expensive – the price starts from 10 Euros and has almost no limit.


3). Religious attributes. Montenegro is quite a religious country – that’s why even the not-so-religious people bring the small icon or healing water from Ostrog monastery the rather that such a souvenir will cost you almost nothing or even nothing at all.




4). National cuisine. It’s worth it to bring the world famous smoke cured prosciutto called “Njeguški pršut”, wine vinegar and home produced olive oil. These treats will surely be enjoyed by your beloved ones and, besides, they are not that expensive – from 2 to 15 Euros.

5) Tourist rattletraps. Magnets with the pictures of sights, for example, fully belong to this category together with badges, cups, books, postcards, paintings, T-Shirts with prints and other stuff. These souvenirs can be both cheap (approximately 50 cents) and expensive (the good painting is worth 100 Euros).


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