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Population of Montenegro


Montenegro is inhabited by more than 650000 people.

Being a proud-hearted and independent nation the Montenegrins are very tolerant to other cultures. Recent political wars and crises haven’t affected this beautiful country. There are no religious strives or ethnic resentment in Montenegro. Despite the fact that the Montenegrins enjoy bargaining and are really good at it they do not cheat if you buy something at stores or markets. They show respect for any religion and conviction and are not spoiled by the attributes of wealth and luxurious life.


The moral philosophy of the Montenegrins is established by the two main notions - “cojstvo” and “junastvo” meaning “bravery” and “courage”. The Montenegrins like to say that “Bravery protects you from the others and courage protects the others from you”. The Montenegrins hallow their history and traditions. They have deep respect for centuries-old traditions and customs and the place of their nation in the world. Nevertheless it doesn’t result in nationalism or ethnicism. The Montenegrins love their guests and really enjoy communicating with other people. They are tolerant, open-minded and friendly people but at the same time they regard privacy and never interfere with other people’s business. This country combines the ideas of team spirit, community thinking and they may even seem to be quite old-fashioned but this is what makes this country so unique and extraordinary. It really stands out among other European countries. Today in Montenegro they warship the family traditions and such words as “family line” and “clan” are not just a mere name to them. At the same time the Montenegrins are always eager to help other people even if they have never seen them before.


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City: Budva
Author: Адриатика
«Мне одного рожденья мало, расти бы мне из двух корней, жаль Черногория не стала второю родиной моей». Высоцкий В.С. Таких возвышенных чувств, как у Владимира Семёновича, Черногория...
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Черногория. Первая серия.

Cities: Kotor, Cetinje
Author: Adriatic
Можно за день до поездки узнать, что на все десять дней вместо тридцати градусов тепла обещают дожди, можно приземлиться в плюс семнадцать и ливень, можно час протолкаться на плохо организованном паспортном контроле,...
Черногория. Котор. Немеркнущий венецианский блеск Photos: 25

Черногория. Котор. Немеркнущий венецианский блеск

City: Kotor
Author: Адриатика
Вид на Котор и одноимённый залив с перевала, расположенного на высоте 600 метров над уровнем моря. «В момент рождения нашей планеты красивейшая встреча земли и моря состоялась на Черногорском побережье....