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Climate of Montenegro

Despite the small size of the country climate in Montenegro is diverse and the weather depends on the climate zone (sea cost, continental and mountain zones).

Montenegro’s continental areas have a warm moderate climate with hot dry summers and cool winters. This part of the country is protected from the sea by a mountain range that results in quite distinct temperature differences. In summer the average temperature is 28 C (with the hottest days reaching up to 40 C) and in winter the average temperature is 5-7 C (with the coldest days reaching -10 C). Spring and fall receive most of the rainfalls.




Between the sea cost and continental parts of the country there lies the Dynary Mountains with subalpine and alpine climate that is characterized by altitudinal zonal distribution. The winters here are snowy and cold (about 8 C below zero) and the summers are not very hot averaging day temperatures about +20 C and night temperatures about +10 C. This is the area where the Montenegrin ski resorts are located. The skiing season starts in December and ends in March.




The Adriatic Sea cost is characterized by the Mediterranean climate. This area is cut off from the continent by the mountain range and the weather in this zone is influenced by the sea. The winters are short, mild and rainy (average temperatures being about + 9C) and summers are dry and hot (temperatures reaching up to +28 C) with heat being moderated by the sea breeze. The amount of the rainfalls increases to the north of the country and the biggest amount of them occurs in the period starting from November to January. From the middle of May when the water warms up to +20 C the swimming season begins that lasts until the end of September.

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