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Podgorica (Titograd 1946-1992) is the administrative center of Montenegro with population of about 170000 people. It is located in the valley of the Moracha river. Despite the fact that the capital city of Montenegro is Cetinje the Constitution of Montenegro defines Podgorica as “the main city”. The Montenegrin Parliament, Government and most of the government facilities are located here. Podgorica is also the main transportation connection point of the country crossed by the railroads “Beograd – Bar”, “Podgorica – Nikšić” and the railroad “Podgorica – Shkodra” that is the only railroad that connects Albany with the rest of the world.


Along the highway between Podgorica and Cetinje one can buy a second-hand car. There is a great amount of markets where used cars are sold. “Podgorica – Bar” highway has many places for buying contraband goods such as cigarettes and fruit (grapes, edible figs, watermelons). “Podgorica – Bozhaj – Shkoder” highway is surrounded by the huge green vineyards.

There is also an airport located not far from Podgorica. There are regular flights from Podgorica to Moscow, Beograd and some other west European cities.



Sight Seeing:

Podgorica suffered heavily during World War II and that is why there are very few historical sights left. Among the ones that were not ruined there are the remains of the Turkish fortress dated XV century and some picturesque houses of the XVII-XIX centuries. The main historical monuments are ancient Doclea excavations, St. George Church that is located under Gorica hill (IX-XI centuries), Sahat Kula Clock Tower, the Vizier Old Bridge (XVIII century) and King Nikola’s Palace (1891).

Pogorica doesn’t look luxurious at the first glance but it has been becoming more and more beautiful since they started residential and business construction. The city now is transforming rapidly into a modern capital. Recently they have put in commission a beautiful bridge over the Moracha river and a big Orthodox temple is being built now.



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