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Herceg Novi


Herceg Novi is situated on the coast of the Adriatic sea in the inflow of Bay of Kotor near the mountain groups Krivosie and Orien and is inhabited by approximately only 13000 people. Because of the vast variety and abundance of plants this town is being called the Botanical garden of Montenegro (there are nearly 100 species of tropical and subtropical flora in the city park), and, besides, the well-known all over the world winter festival called “Mimosa Festival”, which lasts for one month, takes place right here.


Due to the mild Mediterranean climate the swimming season in the town lasts from May to September – during this period the temperature of the water is around +26 degrees.

Herceg Novi is being called the town of stairs – the proximity to the sea is usually measured in minutes or distance, but it’s a different story here – here the proximity to the sea is measured by the number of stairs. Many had the influence on the architecture of this town, erected on the site of the ancient settlement by the Bosnian king Tvartko I in 1382 – the Turks, the Brits, the Russian, the French, the inhabitants of Malta and even the Austrians. You can still find the ancient fortifications built in the XIV -XV centuries: the Forte Mare fortress, Spaniola bastille, Kanli tower. Now you can find the open stages there – the festivals of music, movies and flowers are being carried out there.



There’s a monastery situated close to the town - Savina (XI century), and there are 2 churches on its territory – the Small, where some layers of the fresco paintings can still be found, and the Big, the value of which is in the monastery’s sacristy. There are two big squares in the town centre, where the churches of St. Jerome and Archangel Michael are situated.

Apart from churches, the museum of local history built in the Baroque style is worth visiting. There one can find the interesting collection of antique artifacts, anchors and cannons which were lifted up right from the sea bottom, agricultural tools for livestock breeding and cultivation of olive trees.


There are schools which give lessons in diving to everyone interested, offer the help of instructors and supply the clients with all the necessary equipment. Among the most interesting underwater attractions are several caves (Blue Cave, City of Poseidon, Mermaid’s Cave) and the place called Gorgonias situated between the Kobila and Kobala capes, where you can find and explore the corals. You can take a fascinating trip to the island of Mamula, which is famous for its sandy beach and where you can admire the remains of the old fortress. You can make up and choose the sightseeing route yourself – it guarantees it is able to satisfy both newcomers and professionals.



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