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Igalo is located on the slopes of Mount Orjen. The town is situated on the Adriatic Sea coast and is 7 kilometers next to Herceg-Novi. It is a big Mediterranean health and touristic resort. The mountain and maritime air together with rank subtropical vegetation make up extraordinary microclimatic conditions. This resort is the best place for people who enjoy both lying on the beach and rehabilitation. Igalo is the best choice if one takes care of their health.


Climate: Mild Mediterranean

Sight Seeing: Art Gallery and Museum of Local History

Travel Tips:

There are a great number of beaches in Igalo that can fit every taste: pebble, therapeutic mud and platform. Almost all the beaches have the length of more than 2 kilometers. The best beach is a pebble beach called Zhanic. It is located on the island Mamula in the Boko-Kotor Bay. One can get there by boat and motor boat. It takes 20 minutes to get there and the price for the ticket ranges from 2 to 3 Euros.

There is a touristic center located in Igalo that offers different kinds of recreation grounds for any person who goes in for sport. There is also a world famous Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation named after Simo Milosevic. Programs of the Institute are dedicated to all kinds of rehabilitations: mud baths, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thalassotherapy, electrophototherapy, work cure, acupuncture, different kinds of inhalations, sunbathing, water aerobics and beach aerobics.



This health center is the best choice for people with rheumatic diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiologic and lungs diseases, people recovering from fractures and orthopedic surgeries, people with neurological diseases, disseminated sclerosis, damages of the CNS and peripheral nervous system, gynecopathies, eczemas, psoriasis, people who suffer from excess weight and stress. The combination of mild Mediterranean climate, sea, therapeutic mud, advanced equipment and highly advanced medical personnel makes up terrific conditions for recreation and rehabilitation. The cold radium emanation treatment called “Igalka” is the best way to improve one’s health and take a medicinal bath. The Institute offers one-, two-, three-week therapeutic sessions the price of which depends on the season.


“Sem Danic” boulevard (that is 7 kilometers long) connects Igalo with another famous Montenegrin resort called Herceg-Novi. There is a great number of small restaurants, cafes and stores located in this place.


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