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Montenegro, journey along the embankments and

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Montenegro, journey along the embankments and beache


In the following days after fishpicnic I went to inspect the beauty of the coast near Budva. I wanted to find the most beautiful beach for the rest. Especially the girls from the travel agency told me wonderful stories about local beaches.  

For example, a beach in Becici. He was found almost the cleanest and most unique in Europe. This is due to underwater currents, which not only cleans up coastal waters, but also bring jewelry to the beach in the spring only this beach, which travelers are losing here in the summer. So, treasure hunters go there early in the spring of empty umbrellas near the water :-)

Arriving by bus to the village called Rafailovici, I went down the embankment and went to the journey on foot.

Its approximate route is marked in green dotted lines.  


Then, between the mountain passes, through a tunnel, on a winding road I came to the popular among Europeans, five-star hotel Maestral.

It is well known for its casino, which works all year round.

In the local cafe you can sit down and have a rest and drink a cup of delicious cappuccino for a couple of euros. I liked the local private beach. I remembered about the practice of English, I even asked the guards if you can get to it. It is appeared possible, but for the money. And when there is a place not occupied by hotel guests.

A local resident showed me the way (in their own language and we understood each other well). It walked along the waterfront and leads the traveler into a beautiful, shady park, where it was so good to admire the coast and enjoy the coolness after the midday heat.



Once the king and queen lived in Montenegro, and each had its own personal beach. Soon, the path led me to the beach of the king, where you can sit for a day. Only the pleasure is cost 75 euros. There were few willing :-)

Apparently, it is the former residence of the monarch. Exclusively for not long rest :-)

I went around the beach and once again was closed the thick greenery of the park.

Traversed the route is visible in the distance and the old town of Budva.

Shortly rooftops of St. Stephen are appeared in the green rock. Now this mysterious city can be considered from the shore, that is closer than with water.

Near the island also has a beach whuch is opened for all comers. Already for 50 euros :-)

Exclusively for me, walk in the park and coastal alleys is preferable and more picturesque. And the money I found a much more profitable and enjoyable use;-) There is a very nice shoe with a seasonal discounts in Montenegro.  

It was the great walk. And people who met on my way, were friendly, sociable and smiling :-) It seemed the road had guessed my thoughts and led me to the bus stop.


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