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Job in Montenegro


At the moment it is quite difficult to say that Montengro is a fully developed country, but the country reaches this status so fast that the inhabitants can’t realize all the changes that take place in the country. The Montenegrin attitude is to be calm, not to participate in global contest of changes, but be busy with conventional things and occupate the vacant niches. That means that the business prospects are really interesting. The choice of job is a very thorough process for a Montenegrin. If you are ready to work not only in the office, but also in the sphere of construction, the you will easily find a job in Montenegro.




In any Montenegrin newspaper you can find advertisements where different jobs are offered, from local and international companies. The most important trait of character that you have to possess to find a job in Montenegro is persistence. If you failed to find a job at once, that doesn’t mean you will never find it. You should think in a positive way. This country is a small one, you have not that much to understand what the labor market is in Montenegro. Montenegrins follow the principle “foreigners work, we rest”, that is why foreign employees are valued quite in a decent way if the employee can work well, fast, without trying to do less than it must be done. Mostly such a job is unofficial and is not registered in any records. Official labor market in Montenegro is increasing. Stable economy development allows to decrease unemployment and assists rise of competition within the market.


It is not so that you get down to the first job you have found. It is always better if you evaluate the state the company is in. There a lot of examples with bank vacancies, the job seems to be a prestigious one, but the bank itself is on the verge of bankruptcy.



Locals often offer jobs to foreigners. E.g. Russians can easily become guides, realtor or TV presentator. Montenegrin TV is very weak and is to be developed. You can see it yourself if you switch TV on. You will notice that professional qualities leave much to be desired here. So there a lot of opportunities here for the specialists in this sphere.

“Russian centers” are developing very fast in Montenegro. Those are the organizations that provide the compatriots with different goods and services. This sphere is a very interesting one as well for starting up your own business as for applying for a position there.


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